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Título:  Maintenance Homeroom Manager

Fecha:  28-sep-2021

Madrid, España, España

Empresa:  0001-CEPSA

What do we expect from you?

The successful candidate will be responsible for developing and maintaining, as a maintenance specialist, all operating systems, processes, standards, best practices and capabilities, with the aim of implementing them throughout the E&P organization.


Key responsibilities:

  • Develop, protect, maintain and perform continuous improvement of systems, processes, policy standards and in the Maintenance discipline.
  • Lead the Maintenance discipline, with a transversal vision in E&P on this matter, for the generation of policies and standards.
  • Generate the framework of technical capabilities of the maintenance discipline.
  • Identify and develop best practices.
  • Design and perform the professional development itineraries for employees assigned to this discipline.
  • Lead the technical part corresponding to his discipline in strategic projects of the Company.
  • Stablish maintenance benchmark analysis


What are we looking for?


  • Engineering Master degree or equivalent. Valuable maintenance certification (RCM, TPM, RAM, etc).
  • 12+ years of O&G surface maintenance experience. Experience working across multiple countries/basins and E&P lifecycle is required.
  • High level of English & Spanish. Valuable French.
  • Knowledge in ERP software is required.
  • Proven track of integrated maintenance leadership and deep knowledge of maintenance international standars and benchmarking.




Location: Madrid

Cepsa ensures equal opportunities, identifying and developing the full potential of people based exclusively on their abilities to carry out their duties.


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