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Título:  Operational Safety Technician

Fecha:  09-may-2022

Madrid, España, España

Empresa:  0001-CEPSA

What do we expect from you? 


You will be responsible for advising the Safety Coordinators and Engineers of CEPSA's centers and business units on Risk Assessment and Process Hazard Analysis programs. You will lead specific workstreams within a wider Process Safety Management framework, aiming at identifying, designing, and implementing effective solutions within the area of expertise.


The main functions will be:


  • Establish and implement robust Risk Assessment and Process Hazard Analysis programs, building organizational capabilities to sustain performance.
  • Provide expertise and lead project teams to help CEPSA's centers and business units improving their Operations´ Safety, homogenizing practices among the different business units.
  • Analyze and decide on necessary guidelines to develop in Process Safety, based on the risks of businesses´ activities.
  • Develop procedures to define key system requirements as well as Audit Protocols, KPIs and Governance mechanisms to monitor effectiveness of implementation.
  • Propose, lead and support transversal projects focused on improving business efficiency in safety-related processes.
  • Lead/collaborate on incidents RCAs when required.
  • Produce required reports to provide adequate vision to stakeholders.
  • Schedule and carry out training (and informative) activities for Cepsa's business and areas.




What are we looking for? 


  • Degree in Science or Engineering
  • Strong knowledge and practical experience in facilitation of Process Safety management techniques including HAZOP, What-If, SIL, LOPA, Bow-Tie, Human Factors, Risk Matrix.
  • Broad understanding of Process Safety Management elements (Management of Change, Asset Integrity, Contractors Management, RCA, Auditing,…)
  • Proven track record in industries such oil & gas/petrochemical/nuclear
  • Master's Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention is a plus.
  • High level of English
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and team-working attitude to be able to work in multi-disciplinary teams.


Cepsa ensures equal opportunities, identifying and developing the full potential of people based exclusively on their abilities to carry out their duties.

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