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Título:  Origination & Strategy Process Management

Fecha:  22 may. 2023

Madrid, España, España

Empresa:  00L6-CEPSA TRADING, S.A.U

Integrated in the Trading area, you will be responsible for assisting the Origination & Strategy Head in pursuing new initiatives. Manages the funnel and assures the well-functioning of the process and guarantees that all teams involved are keeping up with requirements and deadlines.




  • Responsible for the Strategy & Origination Processes – Timeline structure, responsibilities assignment, etc.
  • Foster a collaborative mindset between all the parties involved in the relevant process.
  • Assisting with preparation of documents (e.g.: strategic plans, one pager, etc.).
  • Tracking of initiatives, but also proposing triage of them (accelerate, move on, on hold, cancel), updating the pipeline on a regular basis.
  • Support in the review, management, and prioritization of initiatives in line with strategic ambitions.
  • Keep record of decision making at the proper level (Project, Trading Committee, ExCom, Board).
  • Promote compliance with all regulatory and legal framework through ensuring the relevant support functions are involved (Compliance, Legal, MO, etc.)
  • Collect and implement feedback on the Strategy & Origination Processes.




  • Ability to work under pressure and manage workload to meet deadlines.
  • Good project management skills, including relevant tools like Wave, Jira, Trello, L-stages, etc., and relevant expertise managing projects.
  • Able to deal with different stakeholders within the company at all levels.
  • We will value commercial and commodity trading industry expertise.



Location: Madrid (Torre Cepsa)


Cepsa ensures equal opportunities, identifying and developing the full potential of people based exclusively on their abilities to carry out their duties.

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