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Título:  Talent and Learning Manager

Fecha:  29-ene-2022

Madrid, España, España

Empresa:  00Q8-CEPSA QUIMICA,S.A.

The successful candidate, being the center of excellence that provides the organization with the necessary knowledge and advice in matters Development, Training, Selection, Mobility and Evaluation of Competencies and Potential aligned with the interests of the company, will provide the organization with the necessary potential to ensure the adaptation of the organization to the needs imposed by the business strategy, defining and developing models and programs for attracting talent, development, potential and training of the organization's talent and directing the execution of these processes




  • Propose, prepare and establish plans and programs for Development, Training, Selection, Mobility and Evaluation of Competencies and Potential in the Company, thus implementing them to ensure compliance with the defined objectives and, in case of deviations, establish alternatives and / or corrective actions to achieve said objectives.
  • Develop and implement strategies at the national and international level to attract, evaluate and hire qualified and diverse candidates who meet the requirements of the vacancies, taking into account internal and external candidates.
  • Analyze personnel expenses in training, development and selection, justify deviations and make the appropriate recommendations for their optimization.
  • Propose evaluation programs for the potential of the company's human resources to have relevant information for the preparation of the different career plans necessary to cover the objectives and needs of the Company.
  • Coordinate and lead the tenders of the Talent & Learning area in order to select the best suppliers, guaranteeing an excellent service.




  • Bachelor’s degree and Master of specialization in soft HR processes
  • At least 10 years’ experience in recruitment, development and retention of talent.
  • Very High level of English and Spanish
  • Leadership, Communication and negotiation skills
  • Experience in Talent Best Practices, including Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition, at international environments.



Cepsa ensures equal opportunities, identifying and developing the full potential of people based exclusively on their abilities to carry out their duties.

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