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Título:  Vetting Inspector Rotterdam

Fecha:  03-abr-2021

Rotterdam, Países Bajos, Países Bajos

Empresa:  00L6-CEPSA TRADING, S.A.U



Integrated in the Vetting Department, the successful candidate will be responsible for inspecting vessels and barges in their reference area, to ensure that they comply with the Cepsa safety criteria, applicable legislation and industry standards.


Key Responsibilities:


• Carry out the technical and safety inspection of vessels and barges, checking compliance with national and international standards for construction, equipment, operation and maintenance, with the highest standards of safety and pollution prevention.

• Make reports of the inspections performed.

• Maintain permanently updated a historical record of vessels.

• Carry out the technical advice that is needed on the compatibility of products, loading and unloading operations, tank cleaning, technical characteristics of vessels, barges, etc.

• Collaborate in the definition of the technical acceptance standards for vessels and barges and in their updating.

• Advise other areas of Cepsa for decision-making on technical and security issues that affect maritime transport, insurance, terminals, etc.

• Collaborate with the marine terminals coordinator in those matters that are delegated to him.



• Master’s license for vessels of 3000 gross tonnage or more; or Chief Engineer license for vessels powered by main propulsion of 3000 kW or more.

• Possess or be in a position to possess, SIRE Cat.1 and Cat. 3 inspector accreditation

• Experience in navigation and operation of ships. Must have at least 60 months sea service aboard tankers, of which no less than 24 months as senior officer on board a tanker.

• Shall hold a Certificate of Advance training for oil, gas and chemical under STCW Convention/Code.

• Knowledge of the casuistry of maritime transport, maritime legislation and procedures to follow.

• Technical knowledge of navigation, ship equipment and machinery.

• High level of English and valuable Spanish.

• Availability to travel.

• Be capable of conducting a full and complete inspection according to the requirement of the SIRE VIQ.

• Full time staff.


Location: Rotterdam


Cepsa ensures equal opportunities, identifying and developing the full potential of people based exclusively on their abilities to carry out their duties.



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